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05:43pm 21/12/2004

If i was a serial killer i would be Ted Bundy.

In the early to mid 1970s Ted Bundy would murder over 30 young women. Most were attacked while walking in parks, found later to have been raped and strangled to death, but sometimes Bundy would go as far as breaking into their houses as they slept and beating them to death with a crow bar.

After being caught and convicted of the murders, Bundy accepted prison, acquired a new name and started his killing spree all over again. Soon after, Bundy was caught, but not before taking the lives of 3 more women.

Almost all of Bundy's victims were young white girls with long dark hair parted down the middle, all were raped, beaten and sodomized.

kill count: 30+

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07:19pm 10/10/2004
mood: gloomy
Frankenstein tonight - USA 9:00 p.m.

I need TIVO.
Gyros 3D Fear Factory   
08:39pm 16/09/2004
mood: excited

I am so there again this year.  Maybe this time I'll actually go through it.  ZOMBIES - Hell Yes!

Rigor Mortis & Eternal Darkness.  HB, HP, Rik - we've got to make plans again this year for Sat. 10/30.


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa   
04:11pm 21/08/2004
What Movie Genre Are You?


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Unforgettable Moment   
10:18am 14/08/2004
  Everyone has a "scary" unforgettable moment. I want to hear yours so spill it!!!  
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09:31am 14/08/2004
  The visit to the cemetary last night just wasn't as thrilling as it used to be ::sigh:: It must have been the drunkeness and "other things" that freaked me out way back then.

Here's the gang - The next adventure should be Ouija (in the cemetary).
Happy Friday the 13th   
07:11pm 13/08/2004
mood: mischievous

Movie Fact: Jason Voorhees' 13th Victim was Fox who was pinned to rafter with pitchfork through neck in Friday the 13th Part III 3D.

We'll be seeking thrills at the cemetary tonight.

Creature Features with Bob Wilkins

check him out http://www.bobwilkins.net/creaturefeatures.htm
Friday the Thirteenth   
01:41pm 08/08/2004
  This Friday me young friend and I would like to visit the cemetary in the wee hours of the night. Anyone else interested in galavanting around some headstones and grave sites?

THEY only come out at night!
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This is who I am   
11:10am 06/08/2004
  There will be no "fluff" on this site.